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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and uplift homeless women, children, and families by providing shelter, support, and resources that foster stability and self-sufficiency.


Through compassionate care, educational programs, and community partnerships, we strive to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness, creating a safe and nurturing environment where participants can rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see individuals and families set free from homelessness, to live in safe, affordable, and permanent housing, and to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Core Values

Faith: Trust in God's provision and guidance, recognizing that He cares for each individual and has a purpose for their lives.
Compassion: Demonstrating empathy, kindness, and understanding towards those experiencing homelessness, reflecting Christ's love and concern for the marginalized and vulnerable.
Dignity: Upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person, regardless of their circumstances, and treating them with respect, honor, and sensitivity.
Service: Commitment to serving others selflessly, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of homeless individuals with humility and generosity.
Hope: Offering hope and encouragement to those facing homelessness, believing in the possibility of transformation and renewal through faith and support.
Community: Fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among participants, staff, volunteers, and supporters, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can find acceptance and belonging.
Empowerment: Providing opportunities for empowerment and self-sufficiency, equipping individuals with the resources, skills, and support they need to overcome challenges and rebuild their lives.

Stewardship: Practicing responsible stewardship of resources, including finances, facilities, and personnel, to maximize their impact in serving the homeless community and advancing Good Shepherd's mission.
Integrity: Upholding high standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions and operations, building trust and credibility with participants and the broader community.

Join the Team!

If you are interested in volunteering with or working for Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia, please fill out the interest forms:

Our History

Founded in 1983 by Pastor Charlie Grant, Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia was born from a simple yet profound act of kindness—opening his home to the homeless. This gesture laid the foundation for what became the region's first organized homeless shelter, the Loudoun County Emergency Housing Alliance.


With a mission rooted in community and compassion, the organization began by temporarily housing individuals in a local motel, funded by community-driven efforts.

As the need grew, local developers joined hands with Pastor Grant, providing vacant residences to shelter those in crisis, embodying a shared commitment to addressing homelessness.


Over the decades, Good Shepherd has evolved significantly. We have acquired properties, expanded our Board of Directors with distinguished leaders, and developed a professional team dedicated to creating robust, coordinated programs that address not only immediate housing needs but also the underlying issues contributing to homelessness.

Today, Good Shepherd’s capabilities have never been stronger. We operate an immediate needs shelter, six transitional homes for single women, single mothers, and families, and manage retail thrift stores across Ashburn, Sterling, Chantilly, and Leesburg, along with a small food pantry.


Our expanded services now include intensive, goal-oriented case management designed to guide our residents toward self-sufficiency. Through outreach efforts like our food pantry, counseling, and thrift store voucher program, Good Shepherd continues to serve and uplift our community, fostering independence and transforming lives with every action.

Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia is a Christian organization welcoming individuals and families of all denominations

Our Philosophy

Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia, a Christian-based organization that welcomes individuals of all denominations in their time of need, offers the area’s most comprehensive network of services for homeless and near-homeless women, children, and families.


Immediate assistance is available to all those in need who contact Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia, offering access to our food pantry, clothing vouchers for our stores, and guidance on programs within the county that offer specialized services in areas outside of the realm of our expertise.  


Our program is designed for those who desire significant change in their circumstances and are ready for the commitment required to achieve results.  We offer a drug and alcohol-free safe environment, with a zero-tolerance policy.      

A BRIDGE Rather Than a Bandage

For those who enter our program, our shelter and six transitional homes provide immediate stability and care for life’s essential needs, offering a safe place to rest and realign.


To enter our program, you must successfully pass a background check and a drug test, as well as maintain a strong willingness to embrace a program that has been successful for more than 75% of our participants.  


We want positive, long-term, life-changing results for each person that chooses to partner with us to make their future brighter.  Our shelter and transitional housing program is coupled with our Six-Step Self Sufficiency.


This program utilizes goal setting and personal accountability as it educates our participants to find and maintain permanent housing by addressing the circumstances that initially caused homelessness.

A Message from Leadership

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am continually inspired by the profound impact our organization has on the lives of homeless women and their families in this region. Every day, Good Shepherd serves as a sanctuary for those in crisis, offering not only shelter but also the tools and support needed to foster independence and self-sufficiency.

We see stories of hope and transformation, made possible by the dedication of our staff, the generosity of our volunteers, and the invaluable support of our donors and community partners. Yet, as our community grows and the dynamics of homelessness evolve, the demand for our services has never been greater.


The challenges we face are significant, yet with these challenges come the opportunity to expand our reach and enhance our impact. With your continued support, we can not only meet the growing needs of our community but also lay stronger foundations for the future.


I invite each of you to join us in this vital mission. Whether through volunteering, advocacy, or financial support, your involvement is crucial as we strive to transform more lives and combat the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Together, we can build a future where everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive.


- Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia

Support Groups


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Nancy Jacob


Jessica Sawyer

Director of Mission

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Volunteer Coordinator


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Linda LeFebvre

Vice Chair

Brody Barrett


Eric Dunn


Mark Werner



Our Partners

With homelessness on the rise in our community our mission has become critical and we cannot do it alone. Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia has been blessed with incredible partners that are helping us every day help the most vulnerable and to put an end to homelessness.

To learn more about becoming a partner of GSNOVA, email: for more information.


Our Financials

Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia is dedicated to being a good steward of your financial support. Please download and review our recently audited financial documents:


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2022 990 Form


2021 990 Form

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